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Setup Video (QuickBooks Desktop)

QuickBooks Desktop Sync App Instructions

Once you complete the online registration form at, your account ID will be displayed as well as your sync key for the sync software. You will also see a link to this support article. It's a good idea to retain a copy of your welcome email.

Important: If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, be sure to have your Sync Key ready. You should have received a copy by email when you registered. You can also fetch a copy of the Sync Key by logging into the portal as the Super User. The Super User account is always the first account you created during registration but can be changed later.

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, download the synchronization software. After downloading the installer, run it on the PC where you are running QuickBooks. When the installation completes, make sure you are running QuickBooks and your company file is open before starting the synchronization software. The first time the software starts, QuickBooks will display a window asking if the software should be allowed to communicate with QuickBooks. Click the option to always allow when the company file is open. Also, select the option to allow the software to access employee data. If the synchronization software times out while trying to communicate with QuickBooks, simply re-start it once you have told QuickBooks that it has permission to communicate with your company file.

Enter the Sync Key

Enter the Sync Key you received during registration. After entering this information, click the "Verify Key" button to make sure the sync software can communicate with the GoToMyAccounts service. Once authentication is successful, you are ready to click the Synchronization tab and start the initial synchronization.

Run initial synchronization

You are now ready to run the first synchronization. Depending on how much data you have in your company file, this may take some time. GoToMyAccounts will populate all customer, employee, and vendor records, but will only synchronize one year's worth of historical invoice and payment data. GoToMyAccounts always keeps a full year of invoice and payment data online. Once a transaction is older than one year, it will no longer be displayed. No data is ever archived or removed from your QuickBooks file. You can also opt to have additional data months added to your account for more history.

The first synchronization will take some time, but subsequent synchronizations will quickly exchange only data that has changed since the previous synchronization. The progress bars on the sync software will tell you how far along the process is. DO NOT log off or turn off the PC during this process. DO NOT close the QuickBooks company file during this process. Doing so will break the communication link between the company file, the sync software, and the GoToMyAccounts service. Although running the synchronization again will likely fix any problems, it is a good practice to always allow the synchronization to complete.